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you, you stole our baby! what? no. you took her! we saw you do it! this is my baby. what are you talking about? she stole our baby! help us! that is not true... you took her! help me. hey, don't touch her! don't...! get off of me! you must remain here till the police get here. no! i heard about you people! (screaming) they're lying! i know what you're up to. they're lying! they're lying! let go of me! no, you don't understand! that's my baby! that's my baby! where are they?! no! no! help me! help...! (screaming) (sobbing): no! oh, god no!
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somebody! (indistinct radio chatter) (distant sirens) man: there was a commotion. i heard screaming. "she stole my baby, she took our baby." can you tell us, where did this happen? man: i was trying to stop it. i thought i was helping. mrs. walsh... yes. mrs. walsh, my name is lieutenant caine. what happened? um, i don't, i don't know. she was crying, and-and i was in a rush. i was shushing her. i-i was just trying to calm her down.
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it just happened so fast. they-they attacked me practically. they-they-they took her, and... i come here all of the time. i... mrs. walsh, what's her name? her name is sophie. can you give me a description of sophie? yes, she's wearing blue overalls and she has blonde hair and blue eyes. will i ever see her again? you will. ♪ yeah!
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don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. tell your doctor if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure, or if, while on enbrel, you experience persistent fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness. if you've had enough, ask your dermatogist about enbrel. woman (over radio): all units, be on the lookout for a man and woman, caucasian, mid-30s. couple has abducted a ten-month-old baby and are considered dangerous. how are you folks folks holding up? sophie's... sophie's probably hungry by now. she's probably looking for me. she... she'll be home soon. this is csi duquesne. she's just going to take a few samples, all right? i'm going to need a dna sample from all three of you. boy: dna samples? for what? it's going to help us find your sister. man: why? you suspect us of something? no, it's just my job.
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hard evidence is going to serve us best, so i need to look at everything. that's a recent photo of sophie. we just had it taken. a neighbor of ours is a professional photographer. okay. this will be helpful. (phone ringing) (trilling) restricted call. this could be them. caine: okay... mr. walsh, you're on deck. speak slowly, okay? nice and easy. this is stuart walsh. (distorted voice): we have your baby. (gasps) if you want to see her again, you will give us $500,000. i'll call this number again in half an hour to tell you where to bring the money.
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is my daughter okay? half an hour. is my...? (line clicks) trapped the call. tracing now. not traceable. can't get a location. probably a disposable cell. stay with her. (beeping) mrs. walsh, please, you cannot do it this way. they asked for $500,000. they can have everything in our safe. no. listen to me. if you pay the ransom, they have no reason to keep sophie alive. what? if you give them what they want, they will kill your daughter.
2:14 am
(gasps) why didn't i fight? why didn't i run? why... you can't blame yourself. these are professional criminals. this is what they do. then how are we going to get sophie back?! we do it the right way. eyewitnesses, evidence. horatio is on his way to the scene as we speak. delko: so you want to help, keith, you can help me. yeah, sure, anything. tell me what happened to this window. hey, look, my sister's been kidnapped. what's a broken window have to do with anything? because that could have been the kidnapper's first attempt. now, what happened to the window? someone threw a baseball through it. when? i don't know. about a week ago. you still have the ball? uh, yeah, yeah. i threw it in the, uh, chest full of pool toys. wait, hold on a second. don't touch it.
2:15 am
your mother have a hair dryer i could use? what? why? you said you wanted to help, right? thanks, keith. (whirring) might have something. (trilling) got no match. no match-- you got nothing.
2:16 am
i'm going to get this ball back to the lab. we could still get something from it. (sighs) hey, did you get something, h? this is the only section of the mall that doesn't have a surveillance camera. okay, so what are we looking for? well, they usually leave us something, don't they? what about these trash cans? mr. wolfe, let's start here. wolfe: excuse me. do me a favor and stop what you're doing for a second. we're investigating a crime scene. no, nothing here.
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we got some clothes in here. caine: the baby was wearing overalls, wasn't she? they threw away her clothes. (baby crying) why would they do that? they changed her clothes because they're planning to keep her alive. hurry up. they touched it, so there's dna on here. let's get it to the lab, please. i'm on it. (baby crying) (beeping) hey, we got anything on the little girl's overalls? i did get a skin sample, but it was too small to process. listen, the clock is ticking here. i know, i know. that's why i'm trying the dna amplification. i took the sample extracted by the maxwell, and i'm adding a binding solution.
2:18 am
and then putting it in the cycler? exactly. worst case scenario, we get a profile. best case... (beeping) we get a hit. marty ellis. definitely not one of the baby's parents. okay, uh, calleigh's with the walsh family, right? send a mug shot to her, and mrs. walsh will be able to confirm if he's one of our kidnappers. duquesne: mrs. walsh... does this man look familiar to you? that's him! that's the man who took sophie! horatio, that's an affirmative. we have a suspect. (sirens wailing) (tires screeching) miami-dade police!
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lauren forgets about what she can't do, because they've given her the opportunity to do something that we never thought possible. when these kids get to play ball, their heart is there they're so excited and they just get to feel like regular kids. on the phone i heard her telling her grandmother that she was the luckiest kid in the world. (indistinct radio chatter) house is clear. any sign of the baby? no. i got a trace of baby powder on the doorknob. what about the partner? well, we got this bandana. it's just like the one the girl described from the scene. that means the baby was here, then.
2:24 am
(baby crying) time to make the call, babe. don't think so. h, this woman killed her partner. what's to say she's not gonna kill the baby? help me understand. one of the kidnappers killed the other? but she still has sophie? basically, she's using your daughter as leverage. here's the good news: we know sophie's alive. yeah, but she's killed once. what's to stop her from killing again? the ransom. she wants money. then why isn't she calling? she'll call, stuart. she'll call. i know she will. oh, you do? you know? you let them take her in the first place. okay, mr. walsh, in this situation, it is very important not to turn on each other. (sighs)
2:25 am
i'm sorry, honey. you're not to blame. i just don't understand why she hasn't called. did keith handle the phone at any point? sophie's out there! let's call them back! let's call somebody! let's do something! son, please! no, he wouldn't do that. there's a text on it. yes, he did. remember when mr. caine left the room? he did. i mean, dad, you always told me "action wins the day." take it easy. you're not helping. in fact, all of this is his. he switched the sim cards so he could intercept the kidnappers' call. action wins the day.
2:26 am
he's gonna pay the ransom. with what money? yours. oh, my god. keith took the cash. how much was there? 100k, maybe more. okay, that's not gonna be enough for a ransom. have you got any idea where he might be? his motorcycle is gone. i need a plate and i need a description. okay, that's not a problem. i have all that information. everything's registered to me. please tell me you're gonna find him, ms. duquesne. i can't lose two children. i promise you that i'm gonna do everything i possibly can. hey, it's calleigh. i need to put out a bolo. model: ducati 1098s. excuse me. hey.
2:27 am
i'm in the middle of a brain dissection and my instrumentation is missing. i can see you've been going through my setup. yeah, i, um, i needed to borrow something. i figured you wouldn't mind. oh, so the victim on my table doesn't matter? well, our victim could still be alive. it's a missing ten-month-old girl. oh. all i've got to go on is this ball. i swabbed the portion that wasn't exposed to ninhydrin. i found a little bit of trace. i got it. cowhide is tough but porous. exactly. underneath, the core's wrapped in wool. and wool's absorbent, so if anything seeped in... raman identicheck will tell us exactly what it is. potassium ferricyanide. that's used in sepia toner for photographic processing. so who involved in the case develops pictures? across the street neighbor was hired by the parents to take some pictures of sophie, the old antique kind.
2:28 am
i'll call calleigh, see if we got a name. great, glad i could be of a service. i'll be taking my instruments. thank you. mr. garland, you took that photograph of sophie, didn't you? i did shots of all the neighborhood kids for free. at the block party. i figured i'd make it back with some, uh, family portraits. mr. walsh, can you move in? thank you. okay, everybody, smile. (cooing) see? (cooing) you used the kids as bait, is that it? i'm a businessman. are you trying to say i had something to do with that... you live across the street, smart-ass. we found developing liquid on a baseball thrown through her window. same stuff you use. okay, i threw a ball. it was an accident. or it was your first attempt to kidnap the girl. it had nothing to do with the girl; it was because of her brother keith. what about keith?
2:29 am
he's a problem child. always making trouble. throwing things in my backyard. i figured i'd send him a message. i guess i got the wrong window. where were you this morning, mr. garland? i had a photo shoot. you can check. i'm going to. man (over radio): we have a subject spotted traveling eastbound on flagler. a red ducati. model number 1098s. (siren wailing) (siren whoops) delko: get off the bike, keith. off of the bike. i was just going for a ride. just to chill out. i know you took the money from your parent's safe, and i know that you intercepted the call from the kidnappers. (phone ringing) hello? (distorted voice): bring the money to ocean walk park. leave it under the wooden bench. do it now. okay, i'll be right there.
2:30 am
you told my parents not to pay. i wasn't going to just sit around waiting for my sister to die. you should let us do our job. now i need the phone and the money. i don't have the money. what are you saying, you already made the drop? they said i could take my sister with me once they got the cash. they said they'd text me with her location. there's no text coming. when they realize that they're short $400,000, that's not gonna be good for your sister, for anybody! where did you make the drop? ocean walk park. (kids shouting in distance) the voice on the phone told me to leave the money under the bench. that's all i did, i swear. all right. you've done enough, keith; now go home.
2:31 am
hi. i'm csi delko. can i ask you guys a few questions? yeah. have you seen anything suspicious? we're looking for a ten-month-old girl who was kidnapped earlier today. natalia and i canvassed the area. witnesses didn't see anyone matching the description mrs. walsh gave us. eric, the money was dropped here. yeah. delko: you got something? that's proof the baby was here. and hopefully still alive. ♪
2:32 am
(trilling) wolfe: all right, we got a match. pacifier belongs to sophie walsh. yes and no. i'm running it again. what for? because if they were right the first time, then these results change everything. but the result said that the pacifier belonged to sophie. yeah, but who does sophie belong to? i don't get it. okay, well, i ran her dna profile against samples that i had from her parents.
2:33 am
okay, dna profile confirms that mrs. walsh is sophie's mom. right, but watch what happens when i run stuart walsh's profile. he's not her biological father. so what does that mean? it means mrs. walsh is lying to us. what's going on, lieutenant? why did you ask me here without my husband? i wanted to speak to you alone. you found sophie? not yet. does that belong to her? yeah. yes, that's her favorite. if i ever forgot it, i would have to turn around and drive home to get it.
2:34 am
does-does this mean... we found fresh saliva on it, so i believe she's alive. (sighs): okay. but there's something else. it turns out that stuart is not her biological father. uh, uh... (sighs) uh, deep down, god, i guess i always knew that. and i prayed i was wrong. i-i wanted stuart to be the baby's father. who is the baby's father? i need his name. (clears throat)
2:35 am
it is, it's, uh, brad garland, the photographer. (camera clicks) it happened after he took our family portraits for the first time. it was a low point in my marriage, and i have regretted it ever since. these pictures that you took of my family are beautiful. they look so old-fashioned. yeah, the sepia toner gives the pictures a nostalgic look. mrs. walsh: you actually managed to make us look... what? (camera clicks) happy. it just happened one time, that is all. why do we have to dredge this up? most abductions involve a biological parent. you are so beautiful. you should be with someone who knows that.
2:36 am
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2:40 am
you feel like rolling the dice? okay, look, if-if jill says that it's true, then i suppose it is. i'm sophie's dad. which gives you motive. motive? for what? felony kidnapping, first degree. that's crazy. look, i just found out a second ago. i really hope you find her, i do. but if you do, they better not come after me for child support. where is the girl? i don't know. i'm gonna ask you again. where's the girl? i don't know. i didn't take her, i swear. i hope so, for your sake. i'm almost finished. come on, you said that an hour ago. i need that bullet. your hovering isn't gonna make this go any faster. yeah, there's a baby in the hands of a woman we can't identify. all we know is she shot her accomplice. and this bullet is our only link to her. well, unfortunately the bullet fragmented upon impact more than i initially thought. time to make the call, babe.
2:41 am
don't think so. how many pieces are we talking about? i counted 17. if on impact, the copper jacket tore apart, what about the lead core? it was stopped by the left clavicle. bone and bullet were blown to pieces. yeah, just like this case. last one. okay. it's gonna be tough to get an ibis match with nothing but fragments. i've seen calleigh work magic with less. thanks. ♪
2:42 am
(trilling) did you get anything from the shards? yes. thanks to our new ibis trax-3d acquisitional system. the system scans every fragment and then creates a 3-d image of the surface. (trilling) and then they're pieced together to recreate the entire bullet. how can you get a positive match off an incomplete picture? well, 3-d technology allows for more accurate identification of potential hits. even with missing pieces, i've got a high confidence hit.
2:43 am
sufficient marks present to match to a .357, lead-core, hollow-point. i'm gonna run these specs through the database and see what pops. wolfe: armed robbery of a jewelry store. closing time heist three weeks ago, bal harbour. the stria on our bullet matches a casing recovered in that investigation. okay. let's bring up a full suspect list. (typing) carla hoyle. matches the description jill walsh gave me. same gun fired both bullets. so carla killed her partner, she's got the money. there's no reason to keep that baby alive. horatio, you need to head over to carla hoyle's address-- 3650 bedford avenue. (grunts) officer, i have no idea what this is about! where's sophie walsh? where is the baby?
2:44 am
.357 in the passenger seat. okay, mr. wolfe. where's sophie walsh, carla? sophie who? where's the baby? i don't know! check the trunk, mr. wolfe. there's no baby, but there's some money. did you kill her just like you killed your partner? no, look, it's not like you think. marty was going to kill me! it was only a matter of time. (baby crying) time to make the call, babe, collect our cash. then what? you take me out and keep all the cash for yourself? don't think so. this is stuart walsh. (distorted voice): we have your baby. if you want to see her again, you will give us $500,000. okay, get her up. now, you made the ransom call. where is she? i don't have her anymore. i gave her to this guy. what guy? the guy who hired us to do the kidnapping. rodrigo sanchez.
2:45 am
h, that's the maître d' at the restaurant this morning. you're not going anywhere until the police get here! they took my baby! miss! wolfe: they made it look like he was trying to stop the kidnapping. caine: what was your connection to him? he caught me and marty scamming plastic at his restaurant. okay, you're good. hi, there. can i help you? that's a nice little scam you got going on there. either i can have you both arrested for credit card fraud... or you can do something for me. kidnap a baby. what? we can't just grab a baby
2:46 am
in broad daylight. the mother walks past this place every day with that kid. pretend you're the baby's parents. i'll do the rest. what's in it for us? $100,000. when did the exchange go down? ocean walk park, 15 minutes ago. okay, where was he heading? i have no idea. i've heard enough. take her. okay, i'll go to sanchez's last known address. we got to seal off this city. we got to find this kid. did you know when heartburn, it's too late to take prilosec because... but it's but zantac® works differently. it relieves heartburn in as little as 30 minutes.
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60 years, millions of women, rodrigo's locker is right over here. that kidnapping this morning really shook him up. i'll bet it did. manager: seriously. said he couldn't shake it. quit on the spot. he quit but he didn't clean out his locker? there reason for concern? yeah, a child's life. rodrigo was a no-show at his apartment. guy's clearly on the move. let's see what we can find. maybe he left something behind. some... toothpaste, some deodorant. not much. (hollow thump) tripp: whoa. is that hollow? yeah.
2:50 am
well. rodrigo has got a few secrets back here. that's jill walsh; that's the mother. yeah, and it's a picture of the missing girl, too-- antique style. okay, everybody, smile. we know delko found some developing liquid that had traces of sepia toner. these pictures that you took of my family are beautiful. (both moaning softly) how'd rodrigo end up with this photograph? i think garland and rodrigo are in on this together.
2:51 am
time to go take down a photographer. thank you. we know you gave this photo to rodrigo sanchez. caine: he used it to have sophie kidnapped. you lied to me, mr. garland. you told me that you didn't know sophie was yours. jill and i did it one time. three months later, i see her at a barbecue, and she's showing. i needed some of sophie's hairs to prove that i was the father. a home dna test proved it.
2:52 am
and then what happened? then i went and saw a lawyer, and he told me that i had no legal right to my child. my own child? husband of the mother is the legal father on record. so then you had her kidnapped. i did what i had to do. most kids, i got to jump through hoops just to make them smile, but sophie, she just lit up as soon as she saw me. she couldn't stop smiling. it's like she knew. i was gonna take my little girl back down to st. pete, live with my sister and her family. be a single dad-- i could've made it happen. i... we could've had a chance. what was the plan? i'm supposed to meet rodrigo at his restaurant...
2:53 am
in half an hour. i was gonna let him keep the money. all i wanted was my child. nah, it's too late. why? rodrigo's gone. he's disappeared with the money. what about sophie? he... has her. wolfe: rodrigo never had any intention of bringing sophie to you. but he knew. he knew why i wanted her. i trusted him. oh, my god, he's... he's got my daughter. what is he gonna do? is he... is he gonna kill her? he better not. get him out of here, please. calleigh, listen to me. what did we get on rodrigo? i've got his journal.
2:54 am
it's full of information about jill, there's information about sophie, details of the kidnapping, money exchange. there's something in here about a guy named bruno. who do you think that is, a possible customer? bruno hauptmann kidnapped the lindbergh baby. so it's some sort of a code. i'm gonna access that number via my wireless and see what it gets us. man (recorded): it's me again. we're coming in on a g-4 from south africa. can't wait to take our baby back to cape town. make it quick, brother. he has got potential clients flying in as we speak, on a twin-engine. that's because he's planning to sell sophie. what do you want to do? track every flight inbound from cape town-- i'll be waiting. you got it.
2:55 am
she's beautiful. she's ours. as soon as we complete our business, she's yours. it's all there. $750,000. woman: we've already got the nursery set up. i can't wait for her to meet her new cousins. i can already tell you two will make good parents. can we have her? you made good on your word.
2:56 am
(siren whoops) hey! hey! what the hell is this! no, wait! (siren wailing) the baby! (tires screeching) (tires screeching)
2:57 am
(tires screeching) rodrigo. hang on, sophie. hang on. ♪
2:58 am
(sirens wailing) jill: is she okay? (sobbing): please tell me she's okay! sophie! sophie... sophie! lieutenant... (sobbing) oh, sophie, honey, are you okay? lieutenant, how can i ever thank you?
2:59 am
you already have. (sobbing) oh, my baby. oh, baby girl. oh, my baby girl. you already have.
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[father: brian pike] at first, you think, i want my son to be able to walk. [female narrator] army specialist andrew pike was paralyzed while serving in iraq. [andrew pike] my injury was a gunshot wound to the left abdomen from a sniper. my first contact with the paralyzed veterans was in walter reed. [national service officer michael killen] we try to reassure him what benefits are out there, and we try to educate him and take some of that stress away from him. p-v-a did a fantastic job making sure that he got those benefits in a timely basis. [michael killen] we helped him apply for automobile grants, special adaptive housing and vocational rehabilitation [andrew pike] right now, i'm going back to school to earn a degree. i'm working with a real estate agency in town with my realtor's license. and i'm just spending time with my wife and child, and just
3:04 am
moving on with our lives. just as anyone in my age group would do. [female narrator] paralyzed veterans of america helping veterans secure their benefits and rebuild their lives. you can help. visit p-v-a dot org.

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